Just Right's full band set up is for 8....we do need some space. 6' x 10'-12' ish. We use a smaller PA setup indoors and are pretty good at adapting and squeezing in.     
     Electric needs, ideally, would be 2 x 110 outlet/breakers,minimum, fairly close to the stage. The more electric available the better, especially if we're using lights, but again we are equipped to make it work in situations where electric is lacking.  Low voltage is an issue and can affect how well our equipment will work. For multi faceted events that we have different smaller acts in multiple locations, space and electric requirements will vary accordingly, but 1 outlet will usually be fine.
      Loading in and out ease, as well as parking, is greatly appreciated. However, we're usually able to make it work... especially with some idea of the issues ahead of time.
      If we're aware of any issues ahead of time, we'll figure it out and come prepared to do our part to make your party " Just Right".